I Skipped the Doctor and Went to a Chiropractor Instead

When my wife came outside and found me laying in the yard, she rushed to me thinking that I was no longer alive. I was amused, but told her that I had accidentally stuck my foot in an uneven are of the yard and tripped. But I landed in an odd fashion and was in a lot of pain. I just happened to lay there for a bit longer than normal hoping the pain would go away. A neighbor heard me and came over to say that it would be good for me to see an Orland Park chiropractor to see if had really hurt something in a big way. I agreed that sounded like a good idea, or I could also see my doctor instead. My neighbor and wife helped me up, and I ambled slowly into the house and took it easy for the rest of the day.

What I thought would just be a few minutes of pain, turned out to be days of pain. I moped in the bedroom in our bed until I started to feel well enough to get up and around again. But I felt kind of bad at work all that next week, too. I have to meet clients on a daily basis, and it was really no fun having to hide the way I felt with a big smile on my face all the time. That put a lot of stress on me. I stuck it out one more week, and when I wasn’t feeling any better, I understood that I needed to do something about it in hopes of getting better.

I had been to a doctor before about my back, and I knew that I would just be given a prescription. But that is not what I wanted. I wantd to feel better entirely. So this time, I chose to go to a chiropractor instead.

Switching from My Family Physician to a Chiropractor

I’m satisfied with my decision to see a chiropractor as an alternative to a traditional physician. I made this decision long ago, when I first started seeing my chiropractor in Mesa AZ. Ever since then I’ve never looked back. I believe that the quality of care is just as good if not better, so I have no reason to look elsewhere. Initially, I explored the idea of visiting the chiropractor because I heard great things about how much potential there is for healing the entire body. When I went to my old physician, it felt to me like we were working on a very small area of my body at a time. When I leave the chiropractor, I feel like my whole body has changed in a good way.

Chiropractors are far less invasive than traditional physicians, so I never have to worry about being poked or prodded during a treatment session. (more…)

I Keep Fit by Getting out into Nature Whenever Possible

When I moved to a mountainous area for the first time, once of the things I was really looking forward to was getting into hiking. Where I had lived before, hiking was a possibility but there really weren’t all that many areas to do it in. Now, I am able to grab my hiking gear, such as my Blazeray flashlight and other helpful things, and I’m able to go hiking just a half a mile away from my home. It is really nice and something that I look forward to week after week. It keeps me in shape in mind and body, and this is something that I needed for such a very long time.

Prior to moving to this area, I lived in an urban area. (more…)

Putting My Pain Aside Was Not Helping Me at All

I learned that holding off on getting your body taken care of is not the right way to go. Years ago, I played a lot of sports, and I often suffered from sports related injuries. I seemed to bounce back from them for the most part, but over time the trauma to my body really showed itself. I dealt with it the best I could, and my doctors were of no help. So, I gave up on doing something until my dad told me to go see a chiropractor in Chicago before I found myself having trouble getting around at all.

I am sort of a man’s man who has always thought that ignoring pain is what I should do. (more…)